A collective meeting with yourself

A moment of shared creativity

Creative Tuesdays, just like Noob Nights and the Goodcasts, are an opportunity to express yourself!

Every other Tuesday, we meet to create – in the most broad sense of the word. Will you join us?

Creative Tuesdays are just one of our 3 projects with the Noob Nights and the Goodcast, … Click below to learn about them.

A collective motivating impulse

Creative Tuesdays are a collective meeting with yourself, destined for those who want to find some time for themselves, try out new things, work on a project, develop an idea… in a nutshell for those who want to create!

Just like in the gym, where the collective energy helps with your individual effort, Creative Tuesdays allow you to get into your own creative bubble while being inspired by the collective impulse.

Take some time for yourself

All work, no play?

Why not take a break and take some time for yourself – with us?

Creative Tuesdays provide a space to enjoy some “me time”. Yes, that applies to those of you who don’t seem to have the time for your favourite hobby or those of you who struggle to take a moment to focus on one of your 1000 personal projects!

Creative TuesdAys are a meeting you schedule with yourself – to do the things you like, that interest you or that inspire you.



It is in forging that one becomes a blacksmith.

And still, we have all been afraid to start, to take the plunge and try out a new hobby which we might not know much about. To put it simply, to dare to take a risk and trust ourselves.

Creative Tuesdays are a chance to dare and to ‘do’ – to ignore those limiting thoughts and try. Try painting if that’s what your heart is telling you to do. Try coding even if you still don’t know anything about computers. And remember, there’s no judgement about what you decide to do.

Being creative doesn’t have to be about creating art

Noob Night in your ears

The word ‘create’ often refers to the art world. And while that may be true, it’s not always!

Many different types of people gather for Creative Tuesdays, exploring all types of activities that aren’t exclusively artistic.

Mounia might come with her carpentry set to build her rocking chair, while Pierre reads the last part of the Game of Thrones saga and Samy explores his painting skills.

You’ll always find some space for yourself, which can mean making candles, macramé or editing videos… or all three at once.

You get the concept, anyone can join Creative Tuesdays!

You can join us once or come regularly, it doesn’t matter – it’s an opportunity to take out your canvas, pencils, needles, computer, earphones – and to create!

No need to have an artistic bone in your body or any particular talent – just come, be confident and give it a try!

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