The conversation unfolds…

The conversation unfolds…

The Goodcasts, just like Noob Nights and Creative Tuesdays, invite you to discover!

Discover different stories, personalities, vulnerabilities and strengths by listening to anonymous strangers engaging in a genuine and a natural conversation.

All this on one podcast!

Good Casts are just one of our 3 projects with the Creative Tuesdays and the Noob Nights, … Click below to learn about them.

A raw softness in conversation

The Goodcasts are a podcast project, built on one-on-one conversations with friends, strangers or acquaintances.

We all have stories, desires, fears or anecdotes worth telling.

It’s this side of life that we are interested in hearing about and from these conversations that authentic connections are born.

Let time stop for a moment and listen while topics intertwine depending only on the flow of the conversation.

Work in progress

The Goodcasts are still in the pipeline…

We’ll let you know when the first episodes are out!

You want to get involved?

The Goodcasts need some help!

We have been talking about it for 2 years now, but our lack of expertise in sound editing and sound design are quite the challenge.

If you want to get involved and you think you have the skills to do so, send us an email and let us know what’s inspiring you to join the adventure (a CV or a list of your previous projects are more than welcome)!

Upcoming Events

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