Volunteer run DJ project Rising Sounds launched to empower emerging musicians and promote diversity in Brussels 

Brussels, February 9th, 2023

The Brussels association All is good is launching a new project, aimed at supporting emerging musicians and promoting diversity and inclusion on the Brussels nightlife scene. 

Many artists at the beginning of their career struggle finding the recognition and support to be able to pursue their artistic aspirations and perform at venues where they would be remunerated. This is even harder for artists who come from under-represented communities in the music industry. It is necessary to address this situation on the industry-level (with great initiatives like Keychange, MEWEM, Why Not Her, Shesaidso), as well as to act locally where community engagement and reach are most personal and easier to establish. The Rising Sounds project is addressing this topic on the level of the city of Brussels, home to Europe’s most important institutions and people with many diverse backgrounds.

This project intends to lend its voice to those who want to be heard and have the enthusiasm to grow and move forward in their career. The dedicated Rising Sounds page will act as a repository of trusted DJs and venues and an intermediary between them, connecting the right DJ to the right venue, with Brussels DJs invited to submit their applications.

The Rising Sounds project will work with Brussels clubs in the spirit of promoting equity, diversity and inclusion among the artist line-up and act for a secure space for both the performers and the audience.

In the spirit of inclusivity, the application requirements are simple:

  1. The DJ can make themselves available for a performance in Brussels in the upcoming months
  2. There’s an existing set the volunteers/ venue can listen to
  3. The performer needs to respect All is good values of kindness and inclusivity

Rising Sounds project lead Karla Rogožar commented: “Music has a great potential to act as catalyst for a wider social change and there’s no better place to start projects focussed on inclusion than the capital of Europe. We hope our project will be recognised by venues which value innovation and diversity and aren’t afraid to be forward-thinking and supporting the next generation of musicians.”

Florence Skwirzynski, All is good co-founder added: “All is good is rooted in a willingness to create a space for people to gather, share time with others or oneself, and discover new realities. We believe those values can be integrated in all spheres being it arts, sports … or music! The Rising Sounds project thus adds a musical dimension to our organization by opening doors for new musical talents which we cannot wait to see growing in Brussels and around the world.”

Eline Madelpuech, All is good co-founder concluded: “It has been amazing to see All is good expanding fast and reaching new horizons, whether it’s outside Brussels (All is good Liège and All is good Paris) or within, thanks to high-potential projects such as Rising Sounds. AIG is about bringing people together, and we already sense a strong community around us, making ideas become realities. Empowerment plays a key role in the success of our events, whether it’s from participants, the public or our partnerships.”

The project is fully run by a group of volunteers who are part of the All is good association, a non-profit organisation renowned in Brussels for their projects Noob Nights and Creative Tuesdays, which have been taking place for over two years. All is good events are based on the association’s core values, kindness, diversity and providing a space to share, promoting community cohesion and solidarity in a humane, relaxed way.

The Brussels association has also expanded to other cities (Liège and Paris), with more cities in the pipeline. 

Find more information on the project page here and apply to perform here. The applications will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Contact us at hello@allisgood.be or send us a message on our Instagram profile for all further questions.